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Sunday Ride 10/25

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Meet at Shell station on lindbergh between Watson and 44 at 8:30. Kickstands up at 9am. 3 to 4 hours depending on stops.

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Wish I could go but it's just too early for me ,have fun be safe .
10.25 ride

Excellent route, Rob! Looks like fun.

Thanks again to Gary for setting up the club meeting @ Sugo's. Good turn out, good pizza and great company. I enjoyed meeting and talking to the three new guys Raymond, Rich & Brendan.

See everyone who can make it on Sunday.

No bike for me (tires need changing) but would like to follow in my car.

The 916 is still track prepped. But to top all that off, I think I have man bear pig flu:rolleyes:

Count me out tomorrow, even though you will be going right by my house:D
that could be super serious ,get well ! omg can't believe I'm out of bed by 6:30 ,I'll be there
sunday ride

Thanks for the great route, Rob! Hope everyone enjoyed the morning adventures, sorry to drop you all off in so much traffic! Good scenery, the last of the colorful fall leaves.

Home safe here, trust everyone else made it home.

Maybe next weekend we plan to go to Columbia MO and visit Jones Powersports via four wheels, so the weather does not matter to us. I can take four or five and I have a DVD player for the rear passengers, so you can watch cartoons to keep you quiet!


Great ride, beautiful colors.

As to next week visit to Jones- good weather, we start early and ride. Bad weather, we start early and drive. I can take 3 or 4 as well in my car. No DVD in the back however.

Great time with all of you.

Glad everyone had a good and safe ride. As for going to Jones, I signed up to take the Total Control Clinic in Hillsboro this weekend, so I will not be able to go with you guys.
Carlos and Joe,

Pay attention. I am expecting a clinic when you get back.
Is there a specific reason for going to jones , perhaps something I'm not aware of ?
Yes. We are doing our best to reach out and support the dealer network in our area. This trip is such an effort.

now I understand
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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