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Internal fuel hose fix

I looked up some older threads and a post on fixing the internal fuel line on the SF.
The fuel hose inside the tank has a tendency to pop off and leave you stranded, here are some older posts and threads that may help you fix the problem:

If you open the fuel filler cap, then turn key on to cycle the fuel pump, if you see a gentle swirling of fuel in the tank, you could have the same issue.

Fix procedure:
Syphon all gas you can.
Remove side panels (panel with rear seat lock can be swung down and dangle.
Remove seat, two bolts at rear just peel corner of seat up.
Remove rear center tank bolt.
Remove key cover on top of tank ( i dont know if this interferes with anything, but I removed mine)
There is not a ton of extra fuel line (they skirt the left and right side of tank sitting in wimpy spring clips. You should be able to start by lifting tank up to pull those lines out of the clips.
Gently but with effort walk the tank side to side backwards just enough to gain some movement in the tank so it can be lifted slightly. The tank has to forward facing prongs that seat into grommets.
Remove vent hoses, and feed/return lines to tank.Note the right side fuel line is the front/bottom feed line. The rear or top feed line is from the left side. The fuel pump is label IN / OUT for those lines.

There is enough room to get in there, just not a lot in order to squeeze the release on the fuel lines. BE PREPARED FOR EXTRA FUEL from those inlets. Even though I sucked every bit I could, it seemed that a half cup still pissed out onto a bunch of paper towels I stuff in under the tank location. SAFETY ALERT BIKE MUST BE STONE COLD WHEN DOING THIS. The head/exhaust is right there, so take no chances ever removing the tank with a warm bike.

Find a suitable place for working on the tank, preferably with your favorite soft towel to set it on.

Once the fuel lines are all detached, finish walking the tank backwards while lifting to clear obstructions. Place tank on side. Remove allen bolts. Fuel pump comes out fairly clean, except for the detached line which lets the fuel filter sort of dangle about.

Inspect whether the stock hose clamp was too far up the short piece of tubing to ever have worked. It is crimped off and can't be reused. Find suitable small hose clamp. Spray with brake cleaner to make sure it clean.

After refitting, reinsert fuel pump. Screws can be torqued to 8nm. (IF SOMEONE HAS A PROPER SPEC ON THESE FOR A SIMILAR FUEL PUMP PLEASE INFORM, I WENT BY SPECS FROM MY ST3) I worked my way around the base to tighten them alternating sides so that they all pulled equally on the gasket seal.

Reinstalling tank is not that bad, but it will fight to line up with the rear tank screw hole.

Once together. Do Not Start Bike. Put about a gallon of fuel in. Turn on to cycle the fuel pump. Check for leaks. No rushing. Since the bike is new, everything does come apart nicely and not too bad to do. For me I would rather do it myself rather than kill a day taking it in.

With my tank back to normal, I just looked inside to see if I could tell what was where. No deal. The pump sits just out of viewing. You can see the fuel filter, but if you want to be sure the hose connection is not a problem in the making, then you would be best to get a small inspection mirror or boroscope. I will probably get the scope, I've had a need for it at times and it would be nice to be able to look at your pistons and valves as a bonus.

Here's another thread on the subject.
"Oops, I Did It Again" Fuel Line

This thread tells you where to get replacement clamps:
Liquid Ice, Is oh so nice...

Here's the thread for the clamps and tool:

Good luck, I hope that helps.

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