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Strange electrical issues (starter)

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first of all, is the round shaped Hitachi branded thing that is right beside the battery called the starter relay or solenoid? i'll refer it as the solenoid, plz correct me if im wrong..

1) tried to start my bike yest. night... the engine spins... but die off once it fires up... happen quite a couple of times... finally it cranks up.. i turn the engine off by turning the key to off.. and the engine is still running!!... luckily it soons die off... serach the forum and it seems its the starter relay/solenoid problem??

2) after the engine die off, i tried to start it again but there is only the click sound... i check the solenoid fiddle with the connections around it for 5-10mins... and i tried to start and was able to..but the idiling was not smooth.. seems like there is a spluttering once every couple of secs.. thus.. i off the engine again and put on back the bodywork.
and i tried again, this time, everything went smoothly...
is this a case of the solenoid overheating? or connections problems?

3) the engine oil light (the red light) in the RPM gauge, is it suppose to be on when u first turn on the ignition? and only goes off when u crank start the motor?
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I had the solenoid do the same 'sticking' thing, I read on the internet it usually happens when you have a weak battery. I replaced mine and no problems since. Be careful not to fry your starter.

when you turn the ignition on, the oil light is on, after you start, it should go off in a matter of seconds, as the oil pump generates enough pressure to the system (it may even go off already when you are cranking..)
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