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I want to get some more thump out of my Hyper, but I'm not that worried about looks or performance. I have heard people have cored out their stock cans, but can't find any threads about it. Does this require any grinding/welding? Also, if I have no other mods, will I need a new ECU to get the mix right? Or will I be ok with the stock setup? Also, will I *lose* any power doing this? Thanks in advance.

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I just finished my airbox mod on my bike and what a DIFFERANCE!!
My seat of the pants dyno says its about 8 to 10 HP, hopefully next week
I'll have the bike on the real dyno and will post the results to see.

The bike is still stock except for this mod, the bike pulls HARDER everywhere!:D:D
is SUPER snappy, kinda like Clark Kent when he turns to Superman, well, maybe not that strong (but close!) The bike is sooo much more FUN to ride
and the front wheel will climb in 3rd gear with little effort. The intake now has a
noticeable cool GROWL that lets you something is down there!!:D Its a good
sound and not annoying. (but it's there!)

As long as your exhaust is STOCK the bike's closed loop ECU will adjust
your fuel map so it won't run overly lean.

I basically did the same airbox mods that (Yota) did, see his post Dec 17,
"airboxmod coupla photos" great pictures Yota, thanks!
I also used the BMC air filter, same as a K&N as far as I can tell,
I used a 2 1/8 in. hole saw for the top air box lid, and I removed the airbox
so I could drill the hole from the bottom of the airbox, (Yota uses a 1 1/2 in. and drills from the top.) I used a 1 3/4 in.
for the bottom hole, its a perfect fit as long as you modifiy the hole saw
by grinding the outside of the cutting teeth to the same size as the OD of the
hole saw body.

Note: the airbox is held in at 3 points, the REAR two points are push ins,
and NOT screws like they look like, just the single front is a small bolt.

I think this is a MUST DO!!:D mod for any Hyper modified or not, as this will
make your bike run the way it was ment to, a real stealth street fighter!

So after the purchase of the $65 dollar airfilter, a coupla of holes, and a couple of hours you WILL have your "Best Bang for the Buck!":)

Now you know, Alex

PS: Compared to the size of the throttle body, the intake hole size of the stock airbox lid is a JOKE! really choked down.......
From an old post of mine, still applies. Aloha Alex
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