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Stock 996 exhausts on 999

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Well i am trying to get some advice about an exhaust system, the previous owner of my 999 fitted modified standard 996 exhausts to it.
They were very very very loud, upon investigation i discovered that they were a straight through 2 inch pipe, no baffles at all.
I recently got ducatidiag and i am thinking of fitting these exhausts to the 999 and also writing a ducati performance map to the ecu as the previous has also removed the mid mount cat.
Would the flow through these exhausts be similar to a set of termis? (therefore DP map would be suitable)
I spoke to a guy from work about the pipes he said to install half perforated and half straight through pipe, then fill with steel wool, to give it some more not but not be obscenely loud.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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Well i have the 998 pipes on, removed the straight pipe and fitted some perforated pipe to it instead, fitted up sounds allot better than it did with stock system and with the old straight through 998 pipes.
My question again do i go dp map or stick with standard map? Seems to be running ok with the standard map though.

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