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i don't have a manual but have done it so....... with the palm of your hand, press in the gold top cone, use a small pick or screwdriver to remove the spring clip that locates the cone. using a rattle gun, remove the nut, then pull the springs taking note of the ORDER and DIRECTION THEY FACE. check your sprag spring ( six legged one ) they often break. once done the pressure plate will lift off. remove the clutch pack keeping the plates in order and replace in the same way they came out. re assemble taking care to replace the springs in the correct sequence and facing the right way.
what i don't know... the nut size, sorry i can't remember, maybe 30mm?
the pack thickness, hopefully someone will chime in with the correct maximum pack height. oh and be ready for a reshuffle as the friction plates bed in, mine slipped after 2000klms so i had to adjust the pack height.
one other thing, the inner drum with the back torque assy in it need not be touched.
hope that's all, if i'm wrong someone will correct me soon enough so good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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