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It may sound like a stupid question but I have a bike with unique tire needs. The rims are under-sized (100's) and this means I typically run a 110 tire front and rear going 10 over.

I used to run Metzeler Interact M5's and they proved to be excellent because they were very stiff.

The problem is, the M5 has been discontinued and the M3's have been discontinued which leaves me in a place where finding tires is once again a major pain in the ass.

I tried the new M7's but they were too soft. In my application they were significantly worse then the M5's and I chalk it up to the M7's being made much softer (less belts)

I can't increase the rim width and this leaves me in a place where I need to find another stiff tire. Lots of folks here have run all sorts of tires, can anyone recommend anything?
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