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Stiff Clutch... new slave or remove springs?

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So with dry clutches being typically heavier than their wet counterparts, what's the typical/recommended way to make the lever pull easier on the hand? I've read that upgrading the slave cylinder should reduce the stiffness by about 20-30%, but others just say to remove 2 springs from the clutch. If you're running a 1000desmo engine, does removing springs result in any clutch slippage? Anywho, just curious about people's opinions on this...
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I just bought an Oberon 28mm slave and have yet to install, will let you know results hopefully after weekend.
Some have said that some after market spring sets are lighter than the stock.
Have heard someone say that you do not have to tighten the springs to full compression and this will lighten feel at lever. He claimed even with just a quarter of the thread in on the bolt would not come undone because of spring pressure. Not sure I'd trust that but it might be better than having uneven pressure on plate by removing springs.
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