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Steering damper with 30mm offset triples

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I'm looking at putting 30mm offset triples in my 848 and dropping the forks thru the clamps a bit? As this will increase my trail considerably is it still recommended to have a steering damper? I don't have one yet but i am considering it if deemed important.
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I'm certainly no expert but I think you'll be OK without a steering damper. Ducati was comfortable enough with the front end stability to release the 848 without a steering damper. You will be increasing the front end stability with added trail if you install the offset triple. I switched to a 30mm offset triple on my 1098 and the bike definitely holds a line much better in the corners now. I do have a steering damper but it's set at it's softest setting and I don't think I've ever needed it. I'm a street rider though so maybe a few of the track guys will post their experience as they push the suspension much harder than I do I'm sure. You could also email Dan Kyle as I've always found Dan willing to share his opinions and I've always found his advice to be spot on.
Thanks for the advice. I thought a damper would be unnecessary. I'm looking at getting a bit more serious about the track days but don't feel like high siding just because I didnt spend a couple hundred fitting a damper.
If you are going to spend more time on the track you might want to add the damper. The money might be well spent just for peace of mind. If it saved you from one "off" it would have paid for itself.
For track riding its a must. tank slappers at 100mph+ are no fun..
yeah road is one thing but if you're serious about track riding damper is a must have. if it lets you recover (or prevents) one tank slapper or just eliminates bad head shake then you have spent money well....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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