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I bought a 620 Dark last August when I moved from Chicago to San Francisco. Previously I'd ridden some dirt bikes when I was younger. I've spent the last year getting familiar with riding and my bike. I've fallen into the addiction of customizing my bike, and have probably taken it too far.

The mods I've done so far include:

-CF Leo Vince SBK EVO II
-DP ECU (not sure how necessary this was)
-Rizoma Rearsets
-Corbin Seat + Rear Cowl
-CRG Lane Splitters
-CF Under Belly Fairing + Tail Fender
-Rizoma Conical Bar + Grips
-Integrated Tail light
-TPO Oil Plug + Drain
-FLO Oil Filter
-DNA Filter

What's left
Suspension: 2006 Monster 620 doesn't have many options. Ohlins covers 2003-2005 620's but not 2006.

Decals/Stripe/Paint: Looking to keep it simple, but would like to add some minimal eye candy, although I believe with this bike, less is more. Thinking about powdercoating the clutch casing (has a nasty stain from the previous owner), and maybe some black belt covers.

Wheels: Thinking about Ducati Power Pure's, I've heard great things. I'll probably go for this when I burn through my Diablo current stocks.

Tunning: I dropped cash on this Ducati Performance ECU, but I don't think my engine is capable of gaining much from it. I have the DNA air filter, but am wondering if I go with the TPO POD Filters + a few other mods, I may get to a point where the ECU adds some decent value. TPO POD's and Leo Vince Pipes will probably max out my air flow capability, now I'm looking to research how to to get more fuel into that cylinder....without boring it....yet.

Maybes: Oil Cooler (I like long rides, and it gets pretty hot), Triple Tree and Clip On's, HID Headlight

Few other things here and there, but these are the main areas that I'm looking to work on next.

As you can probably assume, I've spent close to the purchase price of the bike on modifying it. That's really what I am aiming to do, because as a beginner it's helped me learn so much about the bike. I don't think I would have learned nearly as much if I spent double the amount and bought a brand new 696. I wouldn't have taken the risks that I've taken with this bike, from fear of ruining a new bike.

I've followed this forum for a while, but I'd now like to officially join the community and start contributing.

Please, contact me with ideas you have on how we can take this bike to the next level or if you have parts that will work well that you're willing to sell. Very interested to hear your thoughts.


*Apologies for those of you reading again, I posted the same "Greeting" on ducatimonster.org


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