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ST4S Clutch stack and Mod questions

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Over the 16.5 years of ownership I must have tried the quiet clutch mod 4 times with no success. Clutch does not operate. It does not help that;

• Each poster has a different method
• The final process is to remove the last two plates (drive or friction??)
• Ducati Workshop shows 10 drive plates, parts diagram show 6 and I have 9
• Ducati workshop revers to A- drive plates and B - drive plates !

What I did was two old plates in remove last two drive plates…not even close !!
I think I am going to go ahead and have a noisy clutch, but I thought there could be some ware savings

I am not having a good day ! I just managed to sign back in after being frozen out of this account for 2/3 months. I finally got back in by ignoring the reset and going straight to edit profile.
I am losing my patients in general with the Internet so may just bail…rant over
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At the bottom of the clutch basket, closest to the engine, there is an extra thick steel plate that is splined to the inner hub. You remove this and fit one or two old friction plates then refit the thick steel plate. Then refit the rest of the clutch pack as per normal using normal stack height. The aim of the one or two old friction discs sitting under the thick plate is to force it to sit slightly proud so as to apply slight load to the thick plate when installed. You only want the thick plate to be held 0.5mm from the bottom of the hub when installed. More than 0.5 will give problems with clutch disengagement, much less will not preload plate enough and won't stop rattle.
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