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ST4s ABS EBOD/starting problem

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Hi, I bought a 2005 ST4s ABS 2 weeks ago yesterday drove it 700km to bring it home. During the 7 hour ride trough Sweden there was some 2-3 hours of heavy rain which didn't cause any problems or...
This morning it started with no problem but a few hours later when I wanted to go for a ride the EBOD light Engine error) came on after a short distance. I thought it was a classic "reboot" issue and turned if of and back on however the EBOD was still on and now the bike wouldn't start! When I turn the key to ON everything seems fine expect for the EBOD light being on and the Immobilizer indicator is flashing which indicated that an immobilizer system warning was reset with the procedure to override via the throttle twistgrip. However as the IMMO light is only flashing it should still be deactivated. I checked all the fuses but they where all ok however I tried to start again and now it worked. But when I got home the same problem was back so it seems there is a periodic electrical problem I just wonder if if could be caused by the rain I drove in yesterday or if it's something more serious = I need to visit a dealer!

Any help would be appreciated.