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What we did:
Disconnect battery
remove battery
remove belt covers
adjust belts
Remove stock bar risers
install Heli-Bars
Install Twisted Throttle fuse sub-panel under seat
ground sub panel to frame
run fused hot lead from battery to subpanel
disconnect Powerlet socket from battery
run Powerlet hot to sub panel
ground Powerlet to frame
tap into tail light circuit for switched hot to sub panel.
Try to start bike.
Start cursing
At first, digital readout was wonky. Showed high water temp,no gas, etc.
After removing, inspecting, bathing in die-electric grease all the multi pin connecters, the water temp and fuel are normal. Check engine light stays on every other time the key is switched on.
All electrics work except the start button.
A relay under the seat is hammering like mad. Pulling the 10A fuse in the fairing or the 20A fuse under the seat stops the buzzing.
But the bike won't start.
What the hell happened?

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hmmmm...sounds like the ECU isn't getting enough power. Try disconnecting the hot lead to the new fuse panel and see what happens. If its normal, then the fuse panel may be shorting out (?...just a guess).

Good luck!

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Disconnected the sub panel. Didn't help. Voltage at battery is 13v.
Determined the relay that was buzzing was the fuel pump.
Switch or replace FP relay ?
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