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St3 vs Interceptor

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I am new to this board and was looking to find out about Ducati's. I have a 97 vfr750 w/ 28,000 + miles, and have the ich bad for a new/ another bike. How is the reliability of a Duc vs Honda? I thouhgt about a new interceptor but hard bags aren't going to be cheap for it. The ducati dealer near me has an '05' ST3 left over.... I love the sound my vfr make with the two brothers pipe..... I have heard many twins with pipes and would love to hear what you people have to say. Maintance $ are not really an issue.. my vfr get new plugs every spring, and have been running full synthic oil for the last 22,000 mile and change it every 3-3,500 miles.
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Hi Chris:
My ST3 is my 20th bike and I think the 95 VFR750 I had was amongst the best of all of them. This is my 3rd Ducati and the maintenance is always an issue as are the "intricacies" of Ducati's like quality control and support. Look at the thread a couple down from here about steering stem problems - really unforgivable in my opinion. I like my ST3 and it certainly gets me more involved than other bikes I have owned, but the VFR is an excellent bike.
There is no doubt that the ST3 is a great bike, but there are plenty of other sport tourers on the market at the moment that offer other alternatives. If you shop around there seems to be some good deals on last years ST3 - price wise the Ducati is very competitive in my opinion.
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