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ST3 Q&A owners?

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Still looking at the ST3. Maybe you owners could answer some questions.

1. Is that tank steel - will it hold a magnetic bag?

2. What mileage do you get when touring, not thrashing?

3. What is the real fuel tank capacity - full to fumes?

4. What are the recommended service intervals?

5. How expensive has dealer service actually been?

Thanks for your anticipated replies.
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I was at the dealers today and was sitting on a brand new 2006 ST3 he had in the showroom. Loved the looks and color(RED)!! Problem is I will have to wait until next year, have a few irons in the fire right now.
As I pulled up to the side of the building, I noticed a black 999 parked that showed signs of a low side. I asked what happened to the 999 parked out back, and the owner said the rider had it get away from him. Apparently he's OK, but has a lot of things to replace!!!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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