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ST3 Q&A owners?

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Still looking at the ST3. Maybe you owners could answer some questions.

1. Is that tank steel - will it hold a magnetic bag?

2. What mileage do you get when touring, not thrashing?

3. What is the real fuel tank capacity - full to fumes?

4. What are the recommended service intervals?

5. How expensive has dealer service actually been?

Thanks for your anticipated replies.
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Full to fumes is close to 5.5 US gal. If you look before you put in 5 gallons, it looks very dry in there. The rear area of the sump is where the last 1/2 gallon collect (logically).

I get the best mileage on the open roads, in warmer weather. I've gotten close to 55mpg when using 5th + 6th gears, and cruising at over 70mph. Stock ST2 gearing (15/42), opened airbox lid, and DUC perf. chip + DUC perf. exhaust.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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