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ST3 Q&A owners?

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Still looking at the ST3. Maybe you owners could answer some questions.

1. Is that tank steel - will it hold a magnetic bag?

2. What mileage do you get when touring, not thrashing?

3. What is the real fuel tank capacity - full to fumes?

4. What are the recommended service intervals?

5. How expensive has dealer service actually been?

Thanks for your anticipated replies.
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600 mile service is a crock....expensive oil change...the dealer does a visual inspection, maybe....never again.....I'm doing the 600 mile service on the wife's monster today. I was working on the ST3 yesterday....it was very evident that nothing but the oil was changed at 600 mile service, they missed all kinds of stuff...missing fasterners, improperly mounted RHS fairings. I'm never taking to THAT dealer again for service. I'm almost due for the 6000 mile service...taking to another dealer.....and when I get it back I'm going over everthing with a fine toothed comb.
Mr_Squidward said:
Don’t leave us in suspense, which dealer was it? ;-)

CC...great for selection of bikes and gear.....reasonable priced, friendly sales staff......service department, a bunch of idiots! What really burns me.....is the wife who bought me the bike as a surprise birthday gift, managed to convince me they should do the first service........never again! When the ST3 is up for the 6000 inspection, I'll take it to MCC, only because everyone at DRILL recommends them, so does Vivid1, but I'll be an absolute bear to deal with!
Oilhed said:
The EOBD light - yellow engine on the lower right - comes on briefly if I sit at idle for a bit. Is that signaliing an error? Is it something I should worry about or just keep an eye on it and bring it up at the 600 mile service?

Mark....that's standard and nothing to worry about.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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