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Hey All,
06 ST3 here, usually running around 90~100 C, fan kicks in @ 100. 95% of my rides are city stop and go (Tokyo heavy traffic), so never much time to build up air cooling effects..

Anyone else have issues with heat under their seat/gas tank & clutch side near your knee? I've always thought the bike was kind of hot even in the winter (just bought it in Jan), but it's never been a huge issue until now (summer). Just wondering what you guys do to dampen the affects... so far I've been thinking of:
  • Under seat/under tank heat shields (the kind with sticky tape on the back you can form to anything)
  • desmo times fan upgrade kit
  • exhaust wrap
  • coolant flush & refill w/ engine ice/water wetter

Any tried & true or waste of time attempts you have made?

sorry if this has been covered many times... searched but only found coolant debates... maybe my google-fu is off...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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