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Hey All,
06 ST3 here, usually running around 90~100 C, fan kicks in @ 100. 95% of my rides are city stop and go (Tokyo heavy traffic), so never much time to build up air cooling effects..

Anyone else have issues with heat under their seat/gas tank & clutch side near your knee? I've always thought the bike was kind of hot even in the winter (just bought it in Jan), but it's never been a huge issue until now (summer). Just wondering what you guys do to dampen the affects... so far I've been thinking of:
  • Under seat/under tank heat shields (the kind with sticky tape on the back you can form to anything)
  • desmo times fan upgrade kit
  • exhaust wrap
  • coolant flush & refill w/ engine ice/water wetter

Any tried & true or waste of time attempts you have made?

sorry if this has been covered many times... searched but only found coolant debates... maybe my google-fu is off...
I would think the Desmo Times upgrade would be helpful. The full package with the manual on/off switch will let you turn it on early. Just the fan itself will move more air and cool things down a bit quicker.

Don't know if engine ice or water wetter will help or not. Water wetter was originally designed to be used at race tracks since it's not as slippery as glycol used in normal anti-freeze/coolant.

Bill W.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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