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I'm holding off on a purchase of a 98 st2. The owner tried to start the bike but the battery which was two years old was dead. When he installed a new one the bike kicked over initially but has failed to crank the bike over since installing it. The stator was replaced when he purchased it two years ago. What could be the problem?

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Assuming that the stand is up and the kill switch is on "run", I would turn the key off and back on, does the fuel pump come on? If not go to the fuse panel under the dash- the main fuse may have blown when changing the battery.
-This has happened to me.
Good luck.

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butch said:
Assuming that the stand is up
'98s have the "suicide stand", so there is no issue with the side-stand kill switch, in any case......

1) kill switch in "off" position
2) kill switch has bad contacts
3) bad fuse
4) bad ignition coil
5) fouled plugs
6) FI unit not working correctly for fuel/air ratio
7) battery is too low to run FI unit
8) fuel filter is clogged, not allowing fuel to the engine
9) the list can go on...and on...and on.....

A bad stator or regulator will not effect the bike from starting when you have a charged battery. Those two items only effect the recharging of the battery. The first thing to do is to establish if it is a fuel or spark issue, then work from there. If it has both, then it is a fuel/air ratio.....or weak spark. I've seen wrong plugs cause starting problems. It's very difficult to establish a cure for the problem with so little information. The very first thing I'd do is check the plugs. I'd pull them to see if they are fouled, maybe replace them for good measure (checking to have correct gap), check for a healthy spark, and if you have a good spark, it's a fuel delivery problem.
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