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I could really use some help from somebody that understands the electrical on my ST2.

- Sometimes when I turn on the ignition key, absolutely nothing happens.

- Sometimes if I switch the key on and off, everything comes on and it starts normally.

- Sometimes no amount of turning on and off will help and I just have to try another time - sometimes minutes later, sometimes hours.

- Sometimes if I turn on the key and just wait a minute or two, eventually the lights come on, the fuel pump primes, I hit the starter, and it starts right up.

- Sometimes when I turn on the ignition, everything seems normal - the lights come on, the fuel pump primes, but the starter button doesn't work (this is the most common one). Its just like the button is broken but I know later it will go back to working normally.

-Most of the time, everything works perfectly. Its just that I never know when these things will happen and how long I will have to wait to get the bike started. In all of the senarios I have tried shifting in and out of neutral many times - that doesnt appear to help.

Help! It doesnt happen often enough to bring it to a mechanic - chances are it wont happen while its there. But I'm afraid I might get stranded.

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Hi Darin,

Welcome aboard. What condition is your battery in? Has your bike had the side stand switch conversion? these can cause intermittent problems.
Have you had the battery cables upgraded?
Are all connections in around battery good and tight? Are the wires going into ignition switch OK?
Have you touched anything recently that might be related?

Good luck


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Connections can be the ST's Achilles heel. My advice is you check all electrical connections, especially:

Main grounds at battery, rear of engine, ECU. Make sure these are clean and tight.

Inline connectors, particularly the big connector on the left side near fuse box. This one has been known to collect water inside the back-shell and cause all manner of misery. Open it up and look for water damage/corrosion, loose wires.

Fuses and relays, particularly the 'main relay' located near the left side of the headlight. Other relays are under the seat (fan and fuel pump). Pull relays and fuses from their sockets, clean and dielectric lube terminals, and replace. New relays are not a bad idea.

In general, connectors should be separated, terminals cleaned with contact cleaner, treated with dielectric grease and reconnected. Make sure no wires are loose in their terminals.

If the battery is original, toss it and get a fresh one. Keep it on a battery tender once in a while.

Check the big white connector from the generator to regulator, right side under the chin. This guy carries a lot of current and can corrode, melt and burn the wires. Keep it clean and make sure it is tightly joined.

This is a great opportunity to get intimate with your undressed bike.

Good luck!

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