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Greetings All!

Over the last 12+ years I've had the fun of riding bikes from many manufacturers and in many styles. From a Triumph Trophy (Hinckley) to a Harley XR1200 to a Suzuki GS450L I've loved them all. But for years I've had my eye on an Italian ride and last weekend (after finding myself bikeless) finally made the plunge. And I've been grinning almost nonstop since.

It's a 2001 ST2 with just under $38K miles on it and for the year and mileage it's in solid shape (according to the local Ducati tech that looked it over for me). From a journey down to the NH seashore to commuting to work it does just about everything and has a soul unlike anything else I've ever had.

So here's to my Italian adventure. If you're up in VT shoot me a note, I'm always up for a ride! :)
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