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SSR reverse shifter on an sc

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Does anyone have an SSR reverse shift pedal on a sport classic? I don't see any reason it wouldn't work on one, but I could see it being an issue if it doesn't reach close enough to the stock rear set.

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I tried one, but found it didn't hit my foot in the right place. I got a Cycle Cat shift lever, which works better. The offset in the lever put the toe peg in the right spot for me. Cycle Cat is out of business, so they are hard to find. I sold the one the picture, but found another on fleabay.
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i had a reverse shifter on my 06 for a while - it was not a name brand, just a nice titanium part that i found on ebay for ~$40.

i liked the shift pattern but found that the duc trans was much notchier with the direct shift... somehow the leverage involved with the linkage made it shift much more smoothly/easily, especially finding neutral. funny, because all my dirt bikes are direct shift and are fine...

i eventually went back to the stock linkage.
i've got one on my Monster. Works wonderfully. I think the pattern is far more natural.
SSR or other Shifter/Brake Levers?

Can't find aftermarket Brake Lever. Found SSR Reverse (direct) shifter that works for the S1K Biposto, but the brake is different.

Anyone know who make Billet Shift & Brake levers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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