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SSR keyless cap

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Just wondering if any of you guys have a SSR keyless cap on their multi1200 and if you had any issues with them, I purchased one and having sealing problems with it, not trying to bash the company by any means but if I'm doing something wrong while installing it I'd like to know.
The problem is that the double rubber gasket seal between the cap ring and the top of the tank swells and fuel goes above the tank and down the sides, they are sending me a new set of rubber donuts but I'm afraid it will happen again and God forbid the fuel reaches the vertical header I'll be f*cked.
I see they sold few so I figure someone in here must know something.
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I've seen gaskets that look like that many times in the petroleum industry...That gasket material is not compatible with gasoline...I’d grab the correct gasket material and punch out some new gaskets.
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