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People ask more for a bike with a low plaque number, and apparently it means nothing. Your precious low number SP could be a counterfeit. No one would know, would they ? Apparently, not even Ducati.
yep, that's about right, they may as well have given a keyring with a tag on it for all the good it does in identifying the bike as anything special, it was a gimmick to make customers feel they were getting something exclusive but really, it's just decoration. It would be more if the number was reconciled with the VIN for ID purposes but sadly it's not.

In the 90's you never knew what you would get on your bike spec wise, some 916's came with carbon airbuses, carbon guards, cast iron rotors, all SP stuff but fitted randomly to the base model because Ducati are on stop with suppliers half the time!

My AMG Diavel is the same, it has a limited number plaque on it and while Ducati tell me it's quite rare as the production was cut very short due to VAG buying them and not wanting their competitor AMG on their bikes, they cannot say that my VIN = the Plaque number, just that my VIN is an AMG.

The Superbikes, all the way back to the SP2 had plaques that were allocated with the VIN, mostly. The notable exception is the 1992 SP4S, there were 101 of them but the tags were not different to the SP4, some unscrupulous SP4 owners would add the SP4S mufflers and tank to the bike and claim it was one, sadly, the engine internals are significantly different and the only way to know was to give Ducati the VIN and they confirm it, the triple clamp tags run to 500, 399 were SP4, 101 were SP4S. The difference in value is staggering now.
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