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SS brake/clutch lines

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Looking for advice on upgrading my lines on my '01 ST2 to SS.

What's out there, where and how much?

I was able to find one on-line store (cyclebrakes.com) that is selling Galfer SS lines for dual front, single rear and clutch for $159. Sound like a decent price?

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There is also www.braketech.com and www.spieglerusa.com there might be some others listed in the back of any bike magazine. Both offer standard sized lines as well as custom length, colors and fittings.
10 minutes on the web and I've come up with for dual front, single rear and clutch:

Spiegler - $235

HEL - $196

Galfer - $159

On the HEL website (https://helusa.worldispnetwork.com/secure/ducati/ducati3.htm) they have the ST2 listed as either a 2 line front or 3 line front. What would a 3 line front be used for?

Opinions on these brake lines would be greatly appreciated.

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Shoot me a line for a deal on the Spiegler stuff. Those are the only ones I know of with DOT and TUV ratings and are really nice. I can make you a deal that will bring the price in line with the lower cost alternatives.

The lower cost alternative has an independent line running from each caliper to the master cylinder insted of the "t" junction on the back of the fender. I prefer the stock set up.

Missed you at the breakfast!
You may also want to look at Fren Tubo brake and clutch lines. I have the SS Fren Tubo's on my '01 ST2 and love them. They were available through Ducati Performance but now I think DP only offers the kevlar lines. Fast By Ferracci offers them in their catalog but I don't see them on their web site. Ferracci uses them on their race bikes and of course Fren Tubo lines are made in Italy! The SS brake line kit (front and rear) for the ST2 sells for $129.95 and the clutch line in SS sells for $54.95; worth checking out IMHO.
I bought my replacement lines from the folks at Heli. They had a good price and the lines resemble the stock ones. Give them a call or check out their web site for info on the lines.

Dave Harhay
I have a complete set of Hel's love them
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