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SS balanced/lightened crank

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I just got my crank back from Fox Performance.

I thought you all might like to see the end result.

From 12.1 lbs. to 8.6 lbs.

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I'm telling everyone it's a stock 750...[I'm running superbike only, no supersport class'...so I won't be cheating]

getting it off the line with so little internal inertia will be a little different though.....
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NCRick said:
Yea, don't let of the gas if you slide the rear either! :)
Amen brother. High-sides....errr I mean "high-fives" all around!!
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blade625CT said:
From 12.1 lbs. to 8.6 lbs.
Oops...I just realized my error.

12.1 lbs. was with the con rods in place [@534gr. ea.]

initial crank weight would actually be 9.8 lbs.

it occured to me while driving home tonight, you'd have to amputate one complete lobe to drop 3.5 lbs.......
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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