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A couple months back I purchased a Renthal 520 setup for my 748. Simply because I have always had good luck with Renthal on all my sportbikes. So of course I forgot about the required carrier. SO then I decided I wanted to go from 38 to 41 and the Renthal sprocket I bought was a 40. The Renthal package says "this sprocket only fits Renthal Ducati Carrier".

I call BS, as today I received my new AFAM sprocket and guess what? Thing is the same only without a few lightning holes as the Renthal sprocket. I should have the carrier tomorrow Evo Quick Change carrier so now it looks like I can keep the 40-tooth (Unless anyone here wants it) as a backup in case I don't like the 41 tooth.

At least I now know it appears AFAM / Renthal are interchangable. I'm going to have to compare STM next.

Anyone already figure out what fits what?

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