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Sprocket upgrade

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What are the pros cons to upgrading the sprockets? I did a search on the site and didnt really find a comprehensive answer to the benefits, what the hell it actually means ( one/two up in the rear? bla bla? hehe), or what the process is like? Anyone have an article or time to enlighten me?

By the way, this is the greatest site ever created.

edit: i ride a '02 748s. Anyone have a setup they like on this bike that they can recommend?
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Upgrading the sproket is the art of replacing either the front or the rear sproket (of your choice) to achieve some desired effect in the way the bike performs. Smaller sproket in front OR larger sproket in rear lowers the overall gear ratio. A lower gear ratio gives the benefits of better acceleration, more pull, easier on the clutch when pulling away from a stop, keeps the motor is a useable rpm range easier, and the motor generally spools up faster through the gears. The down sides of this are....well...there are none. Expect a higher rpm while cruising down the freeway which could possibly hurt fuel mileage but my results have been negligable in this area to the point that there was no change. A higher gear ratio, larger in the front OR smaller in the back, has the opposite effects from this, but may allow more top end speed if that's your thing and you even have the hp for it. A lot of guys will drop the front one tooth because it's cheaper than the rear ones and doesn't require a new chain. If you raise the rear more than two teeth, odds are that will require a new chain. One tooth down in the front is equal to 2 1/2 teeth up in the back, as a general rule. I personally consider up three in the back a minimum. I've gone up three on two different bikes (a 2v and a 4v bike) and I don't consider up three to be extreme on either one of them. Wish I had gone up four on the 4v bike. Don't know what's on your bike, but check your front sproket...if it's already a 14 tooth, which some bikes come stock with, then you don't have the option of dropping a tooth in the front. Going up in the rear is your only option. Hope this helped guys.
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