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Spring Sale on Motolectric HICAP•SCDC kits, free $18 connection upgrade kit included with purchase.

We make 50 different kits to fit the full Ducati range from 1983-2018.

We cover the full 195+ model designations Ducati has implemented since 1983.

Each kit is sized and configured to install quickly and easily following the original layout.

Each kit has everything you need to do a professional installation.

Our kits are very easy to install.

If you are competent enough to change out your battery, you can install the kit.

Image below shows the kit for the 1993-1999 carbureted Monsters/SuperSports with our special main loop jumper which upgrades the feed to the loom.

It uses a special inline PosiTerminal connector so you don't have to have a crimping tool to do a pro job.

It also includes a new 8mm Stainless Steel engine ground point fastener (the threads are pre-loaded with copper based anti-seize).

Each of our kits has to be different as Ducati changed things around on an ongoing basis.

In our kits, no wires need to be cut although on the 1993-1999 Monster and SuperSport bikes you do cut the big black connector off the loom and use the jumper as shown in the photo.

Sale - Buy a kit and receive a free MTUK (Motolectric Tune Up Kit) as shown in the 2nd photo.

These 3 chemicals are of the highest quality and using them will upgrade your connections to better than new.

The MTUK is an $18 value kit. Sale ends soon-

Buy now -

Ducati starter upgrade - starting upgrade for Ducati motorcycles



1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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