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Spring prep

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The last, late November, I took my 900SS SP out on an un-November like Sunday. On that occasion, it lost electrical, and I barely made it home on just the battery power (I had to stop to have it charged). Over the winter, I did a good deal of digging into, and found a couple of issues. Regulator/rectifier looks to have had overheated at some point (it had charred mark on the back side), and the stator wires inside of the case were completely deteriorated, like when I took the stator out, the wires just crumbled. The pickup wires were also not in a great shape, so I replaced the stator, pickups, regulator/rectifier, and while at it, I machined the flywheel. Probably wasn't necessary (and expensive!), but I got new igniters, too, to replace 24 year old units.
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I also gained a special, Ducati alternator tool on the way...
A few other housekeeping stuff - I got new light bulb for the headlight, and some LED for the instrument panels, and restoration of gauges, inspired by forum members here. New foam surround is from Ducati Omaha, like $43 or something like that.

LED for the idiot lights are kind of funny - blinker only works when left side is turned on, so that went back to regular bulb. The kickstand warning doesn't work with LED, wonder why.
Oh, and I also got a new battery. The old one that came with the bike when I bought it last year didn't hold charge any more. I read the recent post about the lithium batteries, but I bought Shorai (I should get a voltmeter). And I finally got to start it up again after a few months. It didn't like waking up, but after a while, it settled into a smooth idle, and I rode around the driveway a bit. I'm excited for the new riding season!
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