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The Front Mud guard is Goldie Locks situation for me.
The OEM Mudguard is a little too Small and looked shrunken.
The GT Front Mudguard looks nice and more Retro on the Paul Smart But it is a Touch bigger then I like.

I wanted something that was in between.
A Middle Sized Mud Guard, a MiDi If you will.

There were a few that were Carbon Fiber, but I don't like too much CF on the SC's

Finally came up with the Midi Mud Guard in fiberglass

Shown here with the PS Paint

Comparison to Gt and Sport (midi is far right)

In Black

These come unpainted in Gel coated black. The Coating is pretty good for black and some would use it as is

Introductory price is $125 unpainted

For those that like CF we have a CF version as well

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Looks like a good guard JC. I eventually need to replace my GT's guard and will give you a call when the time comes.
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