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kingcapt said:
:think: Has anyone pulled the tank on their Sport Classic/PS? I need to pull the fuel lines and lift the tank to replace the ECU and do the Airbox modification.

Anybody have experience? Pulling the fuel lines is where I am most interested. What do I need to know?
No need to pull the tank. If you have someone to help you can just move the tank back to access the airbox. ECU is under the seat. You can do this operation (seat removal and ECU swap) by yourself. ;)

The fairing attaches with a fastner and a couple of velcro circles on each side of the tank. The tank's only hard connection to the bike is at the back of the tank. The tank slides into a reciever (Support) on a large rubber washer (vibration damper). If you have performed a "canisterectomy" be careful of the gas cap breather tube. In my case I had tied it down and needed to give it some slack. All other tubes should have enough slack to do the airbox lid swap BUT you will need two people or 4 hands. :think:
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