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Good morning,

I'm seriously thinking about fitting some spoked Alpina wheels (I've found a set of Sport Classic 'plug & play ones' with a good prize) to my old Ducati Monster M900 (1995).

I'm facing a couple of issues on this process, one is that the only Alpina wheels are 25mm axle models, and my M900 is (17?, 20? mm front, and 17mm rear) and the second can be the mechanical speedometer fitting to the front wheel.

So the question would be... does anyone know what adaptations would require to fit the wheels from a Sport Classic to a M900? (in this case, as we are talking about the Alpina model, I guess that the brake calipers cleareance wouldn't be an issue)
If someone has faced this issue before his experience would be great to hear!

Thank you in advance! :)
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