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(Spoiler) Wow....SBK is going to be good this year

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If these first two races are any sign of things to come SBK is going to be crazy this year! Both races were neck and neck, plus it helps that Bayliss and Ducati were right in the middle of them. Hopefully, SPEED keeps showing the races when nascar starts to heat up.
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%^()*$^)*([email protected]#@#_(#@$ YOU HAGA!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Ducs and I'm always happy to see Ducati in the mix, but there's no other rider in all of motorcycle racing that captures my attention quite like Haga does. 2nd place in the first race and 3rd place in the second race would have put him in a very nice position as far as points go. $%($#^%^)(#$%@[email protected]#[email protected]%#[email protected]%!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!.
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