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That's "gremlins" in Italian.
I have them.
They live in my crankcase, I think, but they monkey with my entire Multi.

Case in point:
I've had several instances of the "keyless" ignition failing to engage. Usually at a nearby fuel stop under a cell tower. Push the bike 40-50 feet, and the system recognises I'm calling it...
Yesterday, in an entirely new location, the system quit again.
This time I had gelato (Italian ice cream) in the tankbag.
Yes it was hot and sunny...
Eight times I tried the ignition button, and eight times it failed to power up the display. The gremilins witnessed me remove my gloves, and helmet, preparing to commit a crowd-pleasing rant right there in the grocery store parking lot.
Tried the switch one more time, and it worked. :mad:
Got the gelato back home, no drama, but pretty runny package...
This morning, the switch seems to now have a built in 10 second delay between engagement, and power up!?!?!?
These events are completely, and unequivically UNREPEATEABLE in any manner whatsoever which will, no doubt, leadi the Ducati dealer to question my sanity...
Dahmmmmm spiritelli.
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