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Speedo cable replacement...

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Anyone done it. Tough or not? Doesn't seem real tough but I'm wondering whether there's adjustments to be made and stuff. Would it be easier to have the stealership do the work. Thanks in advance.
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1080Rider said:
Thanks guys. I hoped it was that easy. Sounds as though the cable is pretty cheap from a stealership as well. I figured $90 but sounds like $30 is the going rate. I saw in another thread that someone pinched and broke their cable after replacing a wheel. I too am guilty. Be careful when changing your tires. :)

That was me, and it was a pretty easy swap. Think I paid like $33 for the replacement part. Only trick was getting the threaded coupler started on the gauge end. Even with the front fairing off (on 916/996/998 anyway) it was a really tight squeeze. There is a rubber o-ring on one end that you use to keep the coupler near the top of the connection. You feed it through the housing up to the point where it's supposed to connect to the gauges and then just jack with it until you get the threads to start. Problem is that when you are jacking with it, the o-ring gets pushed down which then lets the coupler settle further down where you can't get the threads to start. So you end up pulling it all out, pushing the o-ring back up and starting again. Took me about 20 minutes of fiddling and several choice cuss words once I had the fairings off. It was a simple task, just a bit tedious and frustrating. Definitely a do-it-yourself fix, though.
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