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Today's weather in TX is what all motorcycle enthusiasts live for. High 70s and sunny with a mild South breeze. So I decide to spend the afternoon in the twisties. Don't even have to come up with an excuse to play hooky since I don't have a job right at the moment. But I get about 10 miles from home and my speedometer dies. WTF? Turns out when I changed tires recently the speedo sensor shifted and caused a kink in the speedo cable which finally wore through from pulling tight over and over as the forks went up and down. So, it was straight home for me so I could investigate and make sure I wasn't doing any further damage to the front wheel/fender/speedo . :mad:

Big props to AMS Ducati, though. They had the part in stock for $32 and are just dropping it in the mail since they're about a 45min drive. Should have it fixed before the weekend. Plus he told me exactly what I did wrong on the spot. He said that when you tighten up the wheel, the speedo sensor has a tendency to rotate clockwise, pulling the cable tight. Says just about everyone does it once.

*** LESSON TO BE LEARNED: When reinstalling the front wheel (on 748/916/996 at least) make sure that the speedo sensor unit stays pointing up rather than back as you tighten everything up, otherwise the cable won't have enough slack to accomodate turning and suspension travel.

So, who else has done this?? (please? so I don't feel so stupid)
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