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For those of you with the 2-1-2 termis, the flapper exhaust valve can be removed without any EC error lights, the ecu that comes with the kit disables it, so it's sitting there doing nothing,

Given I have already fitted an LV de-cat pipe fitting the spark pipe seemed the next logical step really for a more flowing exhaust-when looking down the pipe the vale is an obstruction, slight, but it is a small obstruction, it also tidy's up the underside and but by far the biggest gain is the weight loss, 3.4 pounds in weight, yes 3.4! that's like a set of light weight wheels all over again,

Order the pipe from http://www.desmorados.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=332_358_544&products_id=2022<br>, e-mail Chris or Tina, 89 euro's plus 14 European delivery, they accept paypal

Fitting took about and hour, pretty easy, strip the back off, remove the slipon's this allows great access and is easy to work on the bike, results:


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