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Spark 749/999/999R Full System SS/TI

For models without deep sump and without box-type swingarm (black).

Spark 749/999 Full System SS/TI Deep Sump/Braced swingarm

For models with deep sump and box-type swingarm (black).

Free shipping

Spark 749-999 EVOII system.
Available as a racing version with no cat or DB killer by adding two headpipes.
The canister is available in highly polished high-grade stainless steel or. titanium. 52/60/52 diameter.
AISI 304 Manifold - EVO II silencer - Number plate holder and light holder

The Carbon Fiber canister cover is not included with these systems and is sold and available separately.

Tuning Option:

MW Tuning/Rexxer ECU Remap
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