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Hi All

Im preparing to collect some important parts of my sport 1000.
Wish to keep it running well for long long time. May be 10 years...20 years...

Would you guys telling the most happen of this bike failiure, and can be done very simple after figure out the problem.

I'm just a normal rider and can do some basic maintence such as oil & filter change, spark plug, cable caplier, change some electronic device...due to small living place. Can't allow change big parts. Need to do at bike service shop.

As I know
1. Gas Pump
2. Regulator
3. Tank spread(Lucky,work fine with local gas)
4. Air pressure sensor
5. Stock turn signal(plastic broke automatically)

I don't want to sit on the road someday. PLease let me know any spare part i have to prepare. Thanks a lot:)
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