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Here are a few photos of Death Valley. As I mentioned before I didn't get any of my intended night time target, the Milky Way. One of the main reasons why I chose to ride down there on Feb 15th, a new moon night. But, we took a wrong turn at night and got caught in super cold conditions for over an hour before we finally pulled over to dress in warmer clothes. Hard to find places to turn off on the desert roads at night with gravel shoulders. We finally made it to the fleabag Atomic motel in Beatty and by that time I was in no mood to ride 20 miles out of town to unknown places. Next time I'll stay one night in StovePipe Wells, a dark sky friendly hotel complex.

The third photo shows the "SEA LEVEL" sign posted on the mountain at the Badwater parking area. The seventh photo is a shot of some of the vibrant and awesome rock formation colors found along Artist Dr., a one way 9 mile cool roadway in the park. The last picture is I believe of Telescope Peak, the tallest mountain in the park. Great place and I will be back on a different bike next time, or maybe in a car so I can bring along my telescope and imaging gear to take long exposure images of deep sky objects under ideal conditions. Again, this might be at the Stovepipe Wells hotel, but I can set up anywhere without having the need for power, I'll bring my own.


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