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Some help where to start

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I am just trying to clear up a couple of things. Hopefully someone can help. This bike is new to me, 2000 750 ssie I am going to do some maintenance and was wondering
a) When did kevlar belts start being used on new bikes, b) What are the years and models with the alternator nuts loosening c) Crank plugs falling out D) and last for now chrome plating issues. Just want to know where to start looking, and how much to tear down. Any other chronic hotspots to look at with a bike that sat a fair amount, is quite clean, and has 3000 miles?
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You have the good red letter belts on that. Change them anyhow if they are more than two years old. Rockers? No problem! Crank nut? Should be OK but I woould check it and put a light flywheel on it once I was in there ;-). I had a 99 750SS ie and road the heck out of it for 30K miles. no problems at all.
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