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Smart Brake Module from STS install on 2013 Diavel

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Hello All,

After rudely barging in on the Smart Turn System, (from STS), module installation on a Multistrada started by shorton I promised I would take one for the team and document my install of the Smart Brake Module, (also from STS), on my 2013 Diavel.

How much of my install translates over to any other Ducati is anyone's guess but here goes nothing... :grin2:

The Smart Brake Module is touted as "A device that turns on your brake light when downshifting or engine braking." The idea being that your bike will automatically signal deceleration even when you have not physically actuated the brakes.

The Smart Brake Module is a deceptively simple looking device with a "Black Box", (that can be rotated with the logo "Up" for a steady "On" when actuated or rotated with the logo "Down" for a "Flashing" actuation), and three, (actually four), wires sprouting from it. Included with the black box is a set of "vampire taps" for connection to your wiring.

The instruction sheet is very basic and shows the counterparts of their three, (four), wires to the colors of common bikes such
as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, BMW, Aprilia & Moto Guzzi.

Alas... No Ducati translation. :frown2:

Since I am not a fan of butchered wires when a more elegant solution is available I procured from the Eastern Beaver the correct Sumitomo HM 4 pin connector so I could make a patch cord installation that would plugin to the stock harness but would leave the stock harness inviolate.

On the Diavel the brake lamps are also position lamps and turn signals. The factory wiring runs to 2 individual plugs for each side. Each plug has 4 wires.

I wired the left hand side plug just because there is slightly more room to fit the additional plugs of the patch cable I created under the wiring cover.

The wiring that ultimately worked:

Ducati Wire Color >>>> Smart Brake Module Wire Color

Black >>>>>>>>>>>> Green , (Ground Wire)

Yellow >>>>>>>>>>> Red/Blue, (two wires that STS has connected together as one) (Power Supply Wire)

Grey/Red >>>>>>>>> Yellow (Brake Signal Wire)

Black/White >>>>>>> No connection to the Smart Brake Module. Just a pass through wire from one connector to the other.

I do admit that I initially got hung up on the wiring and had only 1 brake lamp working. I thought I might need a cross over to the opposite plug but when that was included the brake lights were always on and the turn signals were functioning as hazard lamps, (both flashing at the same time when actuated).

I narrowed the issue down to the cross over and mistakenly using the Ducati Black/White wire as the Signal wire instead of the Grey/Red one. :frown2:

Once I took off the cross over wiring and inverted those 2 wires both brake lamps now work correctly and the turn signals are separate entities again. :laugh:


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Nice. How do you like it. Love mine.
Nice. How do you like it. Love mine.
Too cold to ride so I haven't been able to road test it but I have been able to actuate the lights by just moving the black box.

Depending on the angle off of plumb it appears to be more or less sensitive so I am guessing that it has some sort of inclination sensor to detect when the bike is dipping at the front, (indicating deceleration) and or an accelerameter(sp?) to detect braking force.

Not sure how sensitive it is yet so I plan to secure it with velcro to determine the best angle so it won't be flashing every time I hit a bump.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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