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Slipping Clutch -Low Mile 1100 EVO

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Hello all, I recently picked up a 2013 1100EVO with 300 miles. Everything is great but the clutch is slipping pretty bad after riding it ~150 miles.

I'm not riding it hard - frankly I've only ridden it 2 full days since purchase and I was forced to come in early today due to uncomfortable slip. (I've ridden it a few times around the city too) It seems to get worse with heat - it's ~90 degrees today and it got worse after ~30min.

The previous owner swapped the reservoirs. Is it possible that the slipping could be caused by incorrect fluid or bleeding? The lever feels good.

The records show the oil was changed ~8 mos before I bought the bike but the brand /weight is not noted. The previous owner claimed it was OE Shell, but I have no proof.

Should I change the oil to start? The bike has 475 miles now.

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Just giving this a bump...

Did you get the problem sorted?
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