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EVR Ducati CTS Slipper Clutch Complete with 48T Plates and Basket


EVR Ducati CTS (control torque system) slipper clutch eliminates rear wheel chatter on corner entry improving stability and ultimately lap times on the track as well as safety on the street. The pressure plate features EVR's vent technology that helps keep the clutch cooler (10%), which increases its lifespan. This slipper clutch require no maintenance and has no parts that wear out regularly such as spider springs!

NGR Adjustable Slipper clutch: Ducati
Fits all Dry clutch Ducati's.

Includes aluminum friction plates and both large and small clutch hub nuts to fit all Ducati dry clutch. Designed to be used with the original OEM aluminum basket. An optional aluminum clutch basket is available for those with worn or steel OEM baskets.

The new patented design NGR slipper clutch has a very smooth positive feel on engagement and is easily adjustable for slip. It is highly recomended for racing because of its positive engagement under hard starts.

Surflex Slipper Clutch w/ Plates

Complete Lightweight Slipper Clutch by Surflex helps prevent rear wheel lock up on deceleration. Lighter weight improves throttle response and reduces rotating mass. This clutch is preferred by many track riders over many more expensive models due to its smooth, low lever effort and long wear characteristics. It is also requires the least amount of maintenance.

The Surflex slipper clutch is complete. The Surflex is pre-assembled with all hard anodized billet aluminum components: clutch drum, top pressure plate, alum basket, spring bolts, springs and alloy spring retainers. It includes hardware for mounting the basket and an installed throw out bearing. Pre-fitted Surflex Aluminum friction discs are included for extra weight savings, quieter function and longer basket life. Light springs are included that reduces the lever effort by over 50%. The clutch comes pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Surflex uses a patented endless screw design that does not require any maintainance. It does not use ball bearings that need constant cleaning and lubrication.

MW Drop-in Slipper Clutch

High quality Italian made Lightweight Slipper Clutch helps prevent rear wheel lock up on deceleration. Lighter weight, reduces rotating mass and improves throttle response. This kit is designed to be used with your original basket and is perfect for low mileage late model Ducats from 2003+ that come with aluminum clutch baskets and aluminum plates that you can re-use

The 6000 series Aluminum billet slipper clutch includes:
  • Red Anodized 6000 series billet aluminum clutch drum.
  • Red Anodized 6000 series aluminum top pressure plate.
  • Corse Dynamics Spring Kit with your choice of spring keeper color.
  • Push rod bearing pre installed in pressure plate.
You will use your stock plates and basket. (New plates should be used if your stock ones have excessive wear on them.)
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