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OK guys, I'm picking up my new MTS this weekend and am wondering 'bout sliders. Rizoma has a great looking set, but come on .... $320? I don't like the looks of the tubular bars, so.... Axle sliders seem to be about the same.

Anyone tried the V Stream windscreen?
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I lost the front end, on my track bike, at 75+, and the sliders worked well UNTIL the bike went off the track! The Rizoma design seems better then the barnacle type, but they R $$$$$!!!

Now, I'm researching windscreens and there doesn't seem to be a hard cure. I've X'mented with numerous windscreens on my former bike...had 4 of those SB's, and in the end, it was a compromise.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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