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OK guys, I'm picking up my new MTS this weekend and am wondering 'bout sliders. Rizoma has a great looking set, but come on .... $320? I don't like the looks of the tubular bars, so.... Axle sliders seem to be about the same.

Anyone tried the V Stream windscreen?
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We have the Rizomas Sliders on our MTS Tricolore and Motovations on our Pikes Peak Custom. Whether you believe in them or not they are addtional insurance we feel. Although we have not seen any of the motovation sliders cause a tumble due to grabbing, we recommend at least the fork and axle sliders, and the waterpump guard. We've seen all too many bikes totaled by the insurance company because of fork leg damage(in addition to other damage) and disabled because of waterpump damage.

FYI, if you low side on the left, the things that will get ground down usually are fork lowers/axle nut, waterpump, barends, swingarm (if you do not have passenger pegs) and the rear axle and nut.
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