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Sidi Vortices

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Any one got a pair yet? The new ones with the replaceable soles that screw on.
I have the Vertigos and hate the inside linkage getting caught in the heal guards.
I read the new Vortices don't do that or is that just BS.
My soles have holes in them right in the ball of my foot so they have to go.
I understand I can have the sole replaced but I don't need the
bigger issue of them getting caught on the heal guards.
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I have a pair. No issues with the boots catching on the heal guard. Love the fit and function of these boots.
I have a brand new pair in size EU44 for sale in the classifieds.

Sorry Matt but I am looking for blue and I wear a size 43 which fits me perfectly.
We have not heard any complaints on the Vortice catching on anything yet.

I got a pair of vortice airs. I love them.
-They offer excellent support and they do not seem to get caught on the heelguards at all.
-Nice fit because of the straps
-Good protection
-I like the looks :)
-Not as noisy as some other boots when you walk

-Some people say they're heavy however to me they feel very light...
-They can be a tad slippery in the rain (also because I use stock pegs on most of my bikes), however I suppose this is similiar to the amount of traction on the vertigos
-not the quickest to put on
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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