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My husband and I both bough a pair of these boots this past weekend.

We were looking for something that would give us a little more protection for our daily commutes (about 50 miles round trip each) through Dallas.

With the summer coming up, we wanted something that would breathe a little, yet still offer some protection.

We also wanted something that wouldn't scream 'I'M RIDING A MOTORCYCLE' to everyone at work...lol

We ended up going with two pairs of the Sidi Scorpion boots as seen below:

We bought these boots through MotoLiberty here in Dallas.

So far, what we can both say about them, is that we really like them. They are super comfortable, super breatheable, and super easy to put on and take off (thanks to the velcro enclosure system, no laces at all).

They look good under jeans and under dress pants (male and female).

The only down side we have noticed so far, is that the soles are a bit slick. This may change as they are scuffed up a bit though!

Here's Paul's comments from new Enough, they help describe the build of these boots.

Think of the Scorpion as the bottom half of a good sport touring boot. In fact it looks like it shares many of the patterns of the Sidi Strada Evo Air boot. Take the "View Larger Pictures" link above to see how these boots look under jeans. The Scorpion is aimed at those who would like protection, a low profile design to help with shifting and braking and good looks--all without the bulk of a traditional boot. This boot has vents on the foot and the side and perforations in the Lorica material on the inside of the foot, so they should be plenty breezy in hot weather. They close on the side with two Velcro flaps. They are snug around the ankles to help them stay on your feet if you were to go down, but they are padded all around the top to be comfortable when flexing the ankle. For armor, you get some light padding on the outside of the ankle, a built in armor piece on the inside of the ankle (where you see the stitched circle in the pictures), and you get a hard plastic heel protector. There is also a Lorica patch over the toe where the shifter hits the foot.
Overall, highly recomended if you're looking for something in this category!
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